Studio Policies



Please note that availability is often in high demand. The studio can book up to 9 months in advance, and thus, portrait reservations may not be able to be rescheduled in every situation.

Portrait reservations (sessions) may be rescheduled only if it does not go beyond the original expiration date. Otherwise there may be an associated charge.

The selection process is a separate session and must be held in a timely manner after the creation session. Viewing and commissioning your artwork is an exciting family event and as such, much care and respect is involved in the creation of your portraits.

In the event that there are partners — spouses, significant others, heads of household, etc. — all must be present for the selection process. Our staff cannot make any exceptions to this policy. We are happy to ensure that all can participate and will make necessary accommodations.

While the studio loves young children and welcomes to reserved portrait sessions, please refrain from bringing them to this the selection session if they could distract you.

Selection Process




Our work is handmade art. Everything that leaves our studio and enters the world is to our highest standards.

Electronic Files


We do not specialize in electronic files ("digital images") and do not provide them for any artwork, whether photographic or painted.



The work of the studio is copyrighted and proprietary.



Finished artwork is handmade and take up to 9 months for completion. Portrait collection is held in person with the party who commissioned the portrait.

The turn around time for Masterpiece Finish Paintings is 8-9 months. The turn around for Legacy Finished portraits is 6-7 months. 



 For those with a special opportunity or certificate, proper documentation must be provided to the studio and presented upon the first session. Any certificates received are not transferable or gift-able. The studio is not obligated to accept transferred certificates. If the studio does accept a transferred certificate there may be an associated charge.