Dress Code

Clothing should be simple but elegant.

Our goal is to create an end result for you that is classic and timeless. The most important feature of the portrait are the subjects, so dark, solid colors tend to allow for the best portraits. Short sleeves can be acceptable, but long sleeves are more flattering. Jackets, shawls and other accessories that cover skin are advised.

It is important to dress fully; from shoes to classic or treasured jewelry. Black, royal blue, navy blue, burgundy, and earth shades of green are great choices for all complexions. Accessories can bring a splash of color. Men can coordinate their tie with more colorful clothing. Bring black socks if you do not have dark shoes. Children can have appropriate shoes or be barefoot.

Everything should be laid out and ready the night before the session to save on stress and time. Clients may change at the studio. If you plan on changing at the studio, please prepare to arrive about ten to fifteen minutes prior to your session. There are two changing rooms. If your session includes multiple subjects, you may want to dress ahead of the session and just allow for finishing touches at the studio.

You may bring multiple clothing options with you so that the artist can assist you with the best combination.

Dress as if you are dining at a fine restaurant or attending a black-tie gala.

Men always look their best in tuxedos or suits. Be sure to bring a jacket as it yields a much better result. Shirts may appear unkempt in different lighting situations. 

Tuxedos or Suits


Women look their best in formal gowns or ensembles that fall below the knee. Clothing choices that show a great deal of skin are not ideal. The brightest area of the portrait yields the greatest visual impact. Women should bring shawls, jackets or coverings. Darker colors are more flattering for all physiques. 

Formal Gowns or Dresses


Family portrait combinations are best when thought is placed on the color coordination between the members of the family. For instance, a wife's green dress will not look appropriate next to a daughter’s favorite pink dress, in coordination with a son’s blue jacket and a husband's black tuxedo.

A better way to navigate multiple subjects is to pick a color scheme and keep it consistent through each family member’s clothing. Keeping clothing simple and elegant with dark, solid colors yields the best results.

For attire worn for the creation session in the studio we advise against stripes, heavy graphic patterns, mixing dark and light colors, and any attire with words, logos or pictures. For the work we create, our sets, and studio environment, casual attire is inadvisable. 

Color Scheme



Ladies nails should be prepared and manicured as desired.

Any bare feet should be prepared and pedicured as desired.

This is a time to consider wearing treasured pieces of jewelry or accessories that are important to you.

Avoid any drastic hair changes before your session. Hair should also not obstruct the view of the eyes.

Be sure to allow enough time for everyone to shower and properly prepare.

Cosmetics should be natural to the subject. Please refrain from visiting a new cosmetologist or beautician ahead of the session. Drastic cosmetic enhancements can detract from the realness of the subject. If professional makeup is desired, the Photographer can make recommendations.

Men who desire a clean shaven appearance should shave one hour earlier than the scheduled session time.

We are happy to incorporate what is important to you. We understand that pets are part of the family and we are happy to include them. You can speak with the artist about inclusion of accessories and props. Feel free to bring special items with you, even if they are last minute ideas.

Many clients include beloved pets, books, instruments, objects of significance, even photographs of loved ones that can no longer participate in person, and anything else that might be an important accompaniment to their portrait.


Anna and her staff (assistants, makeup artists, hair stylists, editors, and installers) take immense pride in the exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience they provide and showing off the exquisite beauty of every client, every time.

"black-and-white-meets-leather style"

Inspired by-and always striving to be-the best in the industry, Anna serves her clients like no one else. Here, if it's not the best, it's not good enough. With style that's a little Dolce & Gabana, and a little Indiana Jones, Anna's unique, magazine-quality portraits will leave you feeling like a Ralph Lauren model.