The Masterpiece

Artwork of this kind is the most time intensive. And while words and websites can give you an idea of how the Masterpiece Portrait is created, seeing and touching a finished example of it will say it all.

These pieces are designed and crafted to transcend time.

Incorporating both photographic and acrylic media, the Masterpiece portraits display texture and the inherent dimensions of brushwork.

A Masterpiece portrait:

the finest, most exhilarating example of portraiture available.


 I wanted the best...and I got it in Anna! From our initial consultation to all of my pre-shoot questions to my indecisiveness about which photo, size & frame, was the perfect choice, Anna has been patient, kind, understanding, encouraging, and professional! I'm not only getting a family heirloom, but that I've gained a new friend in the process! THANK YOU, Anna!

Georgetown, TX

"A beautiful, tailored experience"

Anna has an incredible gift of making you feel not only comfortable in front of the camera but confident, poised, and dare I say empowered. I felt at ease being professionally photographed. It never felt forced, rather Anna is able to withdraw an easiness that transferred beautifully to the portrait. The whole experience from beginning to end was professional, personal, and tailored.

Georgetown, TX 


I had concerns about my wardrobe and makeup choices. Anna helped me choose the best outfits, and the makeup was beautiful. I had so much fun creating these.

My painting is beautiful - I love it!

Georgetown, TX


I have worked with Anna and she is the ultimate professional. Her photography is beautiful. You and your family could not find a better photographer to capture life time memories.

Personal photographer to President George HW Bush,

Sun City, TX

David Valdez